What is Ashesi’s culture? What decisions do we make, and how do we act every day? How will the Ashesi Community help transform Africa?

Our answer --a set of guidelines for decision making and behaviour-- is grounded in Ashesi’s founding principles.  It is based on the fundamental premise that our daily actions will make all the difference in reaching the end that we seek -- that the means determine the quality of the end.

Scholarship Leadership Citizenship

Consistently striving
for deeper expertise

Asking questions that broaden the conversation

Embracing fresh thinking

Connecting with others in our chosen fields

Proactively sharing skills and knowledge with other

Helping colleagues be
more successful

Engaging talents, experiences and capabilities of others


Taking initiative and going beyond the call of duty

Setting ambitious, yet attainable goals

Being socially and environmentally conscious

Recognizing long-term implications of decisions and actions

Having fun

Being ethical

Leaving a lasting impact on individuals, organizations and communities