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French as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Professional Biography

Nathalie N’Guessan is a French as a Foreign Language Lecturer at Ashesi University. She holds a Bachelor of Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilization (English) from the University of Angers and a Master in Language Pedagogy (specializing in French as a Foreign Language) also from the University of Angers.

Nathalie N’Guessan worked in the air transport industry across Africa, including training, logistics and management, for over 20 years prior to following her passion into the field of foreign language instruction. She has taught both English and French as a Foreign Language in France, French for Tourism and French for Health Workers in Ghana, and is an examiner for the DELF exam. Nathalie N’Guessan joined the faculty of Ashesi University in 2015 presently teaches Introductory French, Professional French and African Francophone Literature and Film.

Her areas of interest include language pedagogy, learning through games, learning through creative writing, learning through the task orientated method, African literature and film. She is also a novelist.

Areas of Interest

Introductory French 1&2, Professional French 1&2 and African Francophone Literature and Film


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