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Courses Taught

Social Theory, Expository Writing, Leadership

Professional Biography

Dr. Kajsa Hallberg Adu is an interdisciplinary academic with a strong foundation in research, liberal arts, and community involvement. She joined Ashesi University College in 2009 as a lecturer, and teaches social theory, leadership as well as leads the work with our writing courses. She is the Chair of the Library Committee, the Vice-Chair of the Research Committee, and champions new media projects on campus where social media, virtual reality, and interdisciplinary storytelling intersects, for instance with 360 degrees depictions of campus for the Admissions Office.

Kajsa holds a PhD degree in African Studies from the University of Ghana and a Master’s degree in Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. Kajsa studied communications at Reinhardt University, a liberal arts institution in Georgia, USA and International Business at Sodertorn College in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Her dissertation explores student voices on the migration options and has the title On A Course to Migrate? Migration Aspirations Among University Students in Ghana.  Kajsa’s research interests include higher education in Africa, migration, decolonial theory, pedagogy, and social media. Kajsa is the founder of BloggingGhana, an organization for social media influencers in Ghana. She is herself a successful blogger on kajsaha.com and tweets @kajsaha


Areas of Interest

Political Economy, Migration Studies, Higher Education in Africa, Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Digital culture and Social Media.


Hallberg Adu, K. (Forthcoming). “What is the opposite of a knowledge society? A critical reflection from Ghana”. In Amoah, L. (eds.) Impacts of the Knowledge Society on Economic and Social Growth in Africa. IGI Global. 

Öberg, P.O. and Hallberg Adu, K. 2009. "The Deceptive Juncture: The Temptation of Attractive Explanations and the Reality of Political Life" in Magnusson & Ottosson (eds.) The Evolution of Path Dependence. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Research Summary

Social media in Ashesi lecture halls
(August 2011 to Present)

Experimenting with and evaluating different uses of social media in the courses we teach at Ashesi University College. Team Members: Kajsa Hallberg Adu, Astrid Twenebowa Larssen, Kobina Graham.

Student Migration Aspirations
(August 2010 to Present)

Migration is nothing new in Ghana, a country that has been globalized for hundreds of years. Linkages to the rest of the world are kept up by trade, family networks and colonial ties. My research interest is how young people in of today, especially those who have been fortunate to go to university in Ghana, think about the migration option. While the International Student Migration (ISM) literature is growing, few studies concern students from and in the Global South. 

Who is more likely to migrate? Who is more likely to stay? What steps are included in the migration process? Who are the actors or influencers? What are some of the thoughts Ghanaian students harbour about migration?

This is a PhD research project at University of Ghana, Institute of African studies, carried out by Kajsa Hallberg Adu. 

Awards & Honours

  • Agneta and Gunnar Nilsson's Scholarship for Intercultural Studies (SWEA) 2007
  • Georgia Rotary Student Program 2001