Senior Lecturer
Business Administration Department

• MSc. International Marketing, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
• BA (Hons) Economics, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
• Diploma, Sustainable Local Economic Development, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Advanced Marketing Diploma, Institute of Marketing Management, Johannesburg, South Africa

Teaching Statement

I believe learning should lead to a change in the way people think, feel and act. It should provide the opportunity for people to acquire skills that engender personal growth and enable them participate and contribute meaningfully to the well being of society. Learning is most effective when students are actively engaged and collaborate with their colleagues in the learning process and continually test, apply and reflect on the concepts and theories they learn.

My role is to facilitate the learning process by creating a congenial environment and helping the students to learn in multiple ways that positively influence the way they think, feel and act. It is not about necessarily finding the brightest students or a gem but rather help all students to learn and develop their ability. I perceive my role and promise in the learning process as a coach who has an inspiring and nurturing relationship with his students that enable them to grow.

Learning in my view, especially in a business discipline such as marketing or strategy, requires a deep understanding of concepts and theories, acquisition of analytical and synthesis skills and creative application of knowledge to business opportunities and challenges. Learning must involve both personal and intellectual development.

Consequently, I aspire to achieve the following in my work with students, be it teaching, setting assignments and exams, coaching and having a discourse:

• To engage students to understand, analyze, interrogate, and synthesize concepts and theories.
• To promote the creative and appropriate use of knowledge to transform business, society and self.
• To offer interactive classroom and promote cross-fertilization of ideas through cooperative learning.
• To engender learner enthusiasm for deep life-long learning rather than surface or strategic learning.

Courses Taught

Marketing, Competitive Strategy, Strategic Brand Management, New Product Development, Services Marketing 

Research Statement

My goal is to research, teach and apply the insights of business, entrepreneurship, branding and innovation to advise governments and help develop entrepreneurial enterprises to grow and create jobs and wealth in Africa. 

My interest emanates from the marketing, entrepreneurship, and business management skills and knowledge I gained from working in the private sector, participation in public-private partnership initiatives, running my own business, courses have taken, and teaching. 

I have published articles in the areas of place branding and business advisory service that should provide insightful ideas for policy makers, practitioners and enterprises.


•  With M. Akotia, K. Frimpong N.K. Austin Country Branding: A Developing Economy Perspective. International Journal of Business Strategy (IJBS) Volume 1, 2011, ISSN:1553-9563. November 2011
•  Promoting the Growth of SME customers of Banks in Ghana through Market -Led Business Development Services” Business & Financial Times of October 2011
•  The City branding of Accra in Dr Keith  Dinnie’s (editor) City Branding – Theory and Cases.  Palgrave McMillan. January 2011
•  Capitalizing on the visit of President Barack Obama: The role of nation branding New Legon Observer 2009

Awards and Honours

 Fellow, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK, 2013. Fellowship is the highest recognition CIM confers on its members. It is awarded to a marketing professional with proven record of expertise, experience, success and a high degree of responsibility in marketing operations.
•  Winner of Scottish Trade International Prize for theBest International Management Group Project in session 1998/1999 at the University of Strathclyde.
•  Winner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Prize for the Best Academic Performance in MSc International Marketing 1998/1999 at the University of Strathclyde, UK.
•  Chevening Scholar 1998-1999. An award given by British Foreign and Commonwealth office to young outstanding people from the Commonwealth to pursue postgraduate courses in the UK.
•  Winner of Bashorun Abiola Prize in Marketing for the Best African student in MSC International Marketing 1998/99 academic year, at the University of Strathclyde, UK.