Where Can An Ashesi Education Take You?

With a curriculum that focuses on critical thinking and skills that allow you to thrive in any environment, an Ashesi educations opens up opportunities for you to succeed no matter where you find yourself, or choose to do. Since our inception, 100% of our graduates have found jobs, started businesses or received graduate school placement within six months of graduation. 

Accra. Lagos. Kigali. Nairobi. Johannesburg. London. Chicago. Shanghai. Madrid. Wherever they go, Ashesi graduates are noticed. They are growing businesses and creating jobs. They are negotiating energy deals for Africa. They are helping educate orphans. They are writing high-impact software. They are changing the world.

If you dream of a successful life and rewarding career, an Ashesi Education can help you do just that.
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 Regina Honu (neé Agyare), Computer Science Major, Class of 2005
After graduating from Ashesi, Regina joined a multinational bank, as the first and only woman on their I.T team. After six years helping develop software systems for the bank, Regina started her own business, Soronko Solutions, through which she's building software for organisations, and helping empower young women to pursue careers in technology.

Regina's story has been featured around the world, and she is an Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow and a GOOD Fellow. She was also a finalist for the African Digital Woman of the Year, and a Change Leader with Tigo Ghana's Reach For Change. In 2014, she was also selected as a Washington Fellow under President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative, and is currently a Global Shaper of the Accra Hub, part of the World Economic Forum.

Broad Learning, Skills and Character
By teaching students to explore the connections between different information, question assumptions and analyse problems, Ashesi's liberal core serves as a foundation for influencing the world. Our programmes focus on teaching skills - from leadership and teamwork, to technological competence - that you will need for life, not just for a job. Learn more...

Globally Connected
Thanks to partners around the world, students at Ashesi have access to global learning opportunities that help them explore and understand the world. From study-abroad programmes in the U.S to internships in the U.K, an Ashesi education is a passport to the world. Over 20 countries and over 80 high schools are also represented on our campus, making for rich conversations and perspectives in and out of the classroom. Students share highs and lows of study abroad experiences...

A Campus Like No Other
Set on 100 stunning acres in Berekuso, overlooking Ghana's capital city of Accra, we have united traditional design, modern technology and environmental best practices - creating an inspiring base for young Africans from diverse backgrounds to live, collaborate and study together for generations to come. See it for yourself...

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