Ashesi’s Cryptography Class visits CoreNett

How much of what is learnt inside the classroom is actually applied outside that classroom? Ashesi’s Cryptography class had a good chance to find out when they visited CoreNett in June 2012 to learn about real world computer security applications.

Ashesi’s Cryptography Class visits CoreNettOn Friday the 15th of June, fifteen students from Ashesi’s summer Cryptography class had the privilege of visiting one of the world’s most unique transactions security companies: CoreNett Ltd.

CoreNett provides cutting edge solutions for all kinds of electronic transactions, such as Automated Teller Machines and mobile transactions. Their unique mix of security software and expertise in transactional security made them an ideal case study for Ashesi’s Cryptography class.

At the CoreNett office in Ridge, Accra, the students were given a tour of the facility and introduced to the numerous software and hardware used at CoreNett. The class was most impressed by the physical security hardware. Some of CoreNett’s devices might as well have jumped out of a James Bond movie.

And it was especially a huge plus for the class, when they found out that CoreNett had some Ashesi alumni in their core team who were helping drive the company’s growth. David Darkwah ‘08, Victor Adotey ‘07 and Eric Agbeli ’08 were excited to meet and share some of their work with the Cryptography class.

“CoreNett has developed and deployed a technology that allows access to money from an ATM without a card,” says Dr. Suzanne Buchele, the teacher for the class. “The security in these kinds of transactions is all made possible by principles in cryptography, putting it right up our alley. And obviously, seeing their university’s alumni engaged in such roles made the trip even more meaningful for the class.”

“It was important for my students to understand that what they learn in my classroom is very much in use out in the real world - not only abroad, but right here in Ghana.”
Ashesi’s Cryptography Class visits CoreNett