Emi-Beth Amable '07 - Taking on the big challenges

Emi-bethEmi-Beth Aku Amable attended Achimota School before deciding to enroll at Ashesi. At Achimota, she was President of the Editorial Board of the Writer’s and Debater’s Club. She continued in her leadership stride at Ashesi as the Chair of the University’s Judicial and Electoral Committee.

Emi-Beth describes her Ashesi experience as fun because she has learned a lot from members of the Ashesi community. What she loves most about Ashesi is the nature of lecturer-student interaction. “Our lecturers notice when you miss class and ask why. People genuinely care about you and seek your best interest.” She also enjoyed the experience of working on projects with some faculty members. According to Emi-Beth, Ashesi was a great experience.

Emi-Beth interned with international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) from June to August 2007. She impressed her boss so much during her internship that she was offered a full-time position before graduating from Ashesi. She has been working with the company as a tax consultant since January 2008. She admits her Ashesi experience prepared her to succeed at PwC. “There’s never a dull moment at PwC. Multi-tasking at work comes naturally to me now because of the work ethic I developed as a student at Ashesi.”

Emi-Beth and two other Ashesi alumni at PwC are helping build the Ashesi brand and legacy. They have impressed their bosses and colleagues with their incredible work ethic. The company has an inside joke about “Ashesi folk.” If there’s a challenging assignment to be performed the “Ashesi folk” are called in. “We love the challenge though and the opportunities we are given to excel” she adds.