Patrick Quantson '05 - Mobile banking

Patrick QuantsonMobile banking has the potential to transform the lives of the poor. It offers a means to make payments, transfer remittances and save in transactions too small for ordinary retail banking and allows the poor to avoid expensive “loan sharks” and other unsafe, informal services. Patrick Quantson has become a passionate expert on mobile banking, participating in banking conferences across Africa.

Since graduating in 2005, Patrick has been promoted to Operations Officer, eCommerce and Business Development, Cards and Electronic Banking Unit of CAL Bank. He promotes the bank’s efforts to develop viable alternate delivery channels, and to create a sustainable mobile payment gateway in Ghana. Patrick is also an entrepreneur. He runs a consulting service for Indian firms seeking to invest in Ghana’s technological sector, and has plans to start an online professional community for young entrepreneurs and business professionals in Ghana.

Patrick looks forward to pursuing an MBA in Project Management and Management and Information Systems later this year. He talks about his Ashesi experience, “At Ashesi, I discovered the tools I needed to be successful and I am very grateful for the experience that is Ashesi.”