Strengthening Africa’s private sector

Angela Osei-Kufuor ‘07

TAngela Osei-Kufuorhrough her work with Strategic African Securities, Angela helps strengthen Africa’s private sector by directing capital to local growth opportunities. SAS works to channel long-term capital towards quality ventures in Africa, which help African businesses to grow and create jobs.

Preventing “Capital flight”: Talented financial researchers and analysts like Angela play a critical role in developing Africa’s economy. Just as Africa has struggled with “brain drain--when talented Africans emigrate—Africa has also been hurt by “capital flight”, when local citizens chose to invest their savings outside of Africa. This deprives local businesses of the capital they need to grow, and makes it difficult for foreign investors to identify strong investment opportunities inside Africa.

Angela prepared for her finance career at the innovative firm SAS through rigorous coursework at Ashesi, and through internships and an intensive senior project. While at Ashesi, Angela developed her skills in many ways.

Private sector experience: Angela held an internship with Goldman Sachs in London. She now works for Strategic African Securities, a Ghanaian firm providing capital to local growth opportunities.

NGO experience: Angela interned with the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank subsidiary dedicated to building the private sector in developing countries. She assisted with country strategies for Benin, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.

Research and Analysis: Angela’s senior thesis project was “Social Performance Assessment and Use in Microfinance: A study of financial NGOs and Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana.”