Phoebe Acolatse '11: Vodafone Global Hero

There are few people at Ashesi who are not familiar with the name Phoebe Selassie Acolatse. From leading a community-sponsored walk that raised over USD $6,000.00 for the Ashesi Scholarships Fund in 2010 to being one of three students chosen to intern at Goldman Sachs in London in 2011, Phoebe’s passion for taking the initiative was always strong and inspiring for everybody who knew her. At graduation she was one of three students who won the President’s “Scholarship, Leadership & Citizenship” award – an award given to students who personify Ashesi’s core values throughout their stay in Ashesi.

One year after graduating from Ashesi, Phoebe’s passion is still as strong as ever. It is especially so at Vodafone Ghana, where she has recently been given a full-time position on the CEO’s office team.

In May 2012, Phoebe received the ‘Vodafone Global Hero Award' – an award that is given to Vodafone employees who excel in driving Vodafone’s way of “customer obsession, innovation hungry, ambition and competition, and the philosophy of one company with local roots.” Phoebe received the award for creating and implementing an innovative and highly effective customer engagement program called “Happy Feet.”

“It has been absolutely exciting working at Vodafone,” says Phoebe. “I’m especially grateful to Ashesi for instilling the importance of hard work and outstanding work ethic. Perhaps one of the best things I picked up while at Ashesi is that it is never too early to start things, or to try to contribute meaningfully to whatever organization you are in. The people here at Vodafone are an incredible, diverse and a welcoming team to work with. I feel extremely fortunate and humbled by the opportunity and team support. I am especially looking forward to helping grow the Vodafone organisation.”