Graduate Profile: Akua Hughes, the Class of 2014's top student

“Akua Datsewa Hughes, Summa Cum Laude.” There was an incredible amount of cheering at Ashesi’s commencement ceremony this year, but the cheering for Akua Hughes’ achievement was probably the most deafening.

Receiving the highest academic honour at Commencement 2014, Akua Hughes is now the fifth student, and the fourth woman, in Ashesi’s history to have earned this recognition. Having graduated from Wesley Girls High School with strong grades, Akua’s decision to come to Ashesi was not an easy one, because she had originally planned to study outside Ghana.

“My parents did a good job convincing me; actually, I did not have much of a choice,” Akua says with a little laugh. “I entered Ashesi not really knowing who I was or just how much I was capable of achieving. That's one of the biggest things I will forever remain grateful to my alma mater for: pushing me to explore my full potential inside, and outside, the classroom. The rigorous environment that Ashesi provides motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and begin to excel. Coming here was a good decision, and if I had to do it again, I would still choose Ashesi and maybe take a few more Computer Science classes!”

Akua, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, is excited about the possibilities ahead of her. She has a passion for social entrepreneurship, and hopes she will be able to help build businesses that will contribute to social development in Ghana.

“It was during my time at Ashesi that I developed a passion for social entrepreneurship,” Akua says. “That passion was reinforced when I represented the university at the 2013 Babson Global Leadership Development Experience. I have formed great friendships with both students and faculty that have helped shaped my ambitions, and these bonds will stay. Moving forward, I plan on narrowing my business focus to business development and entrepreneurship. My ultimate goal is to lead a conglomerate with companies which will change the face of the financial, educational and entertainment industries in Ghana.”

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