AJC Ruling on Academic Misconduct in Calculus Coursework

In relation to allegations of academic misconduct in a Calculus class offered last semester, the Ashesi Judicial Committee (AJC) ruled against five (5) students for academic dishonesty. Four of the students had copied work in a math journal assignment from another and one student copied the math journal and also cheated on the final exam. During the hearing the students admitted to collaborating/copying on the math journal. However, the student who cheated in the final exam vehemently denied the offense in the face of overwhelming evidence.

 As stated in Ashesi’s student handbook, “Academic dishonesty includes plagiarism, unauthorized exchange of information or use of material during an examination, unauthorized transfer of information or completed work among students, use of the same paper in more than one course, unauthorized collaboration on assignments, and other unethical behavior. Disciplinary action will be taken against perpetrators of academic dishonesty.”


  1. Two (2) of the students received an F for the course.
  2. Two (2) students were suspended since this is a second offense for them.
  3. One (1) student has been expelled for his third offense.
  4. This incidence would be on their student files for reference in the event of another AJC case.

The AJC would especially like to advise students of the following:

  1. Carefully read instructions on assignments.
  2. Avoid collaborating on work that requires you to work independently.
  3. Communicate with lecturers about any difficulties/misunderstanding with assignments.