AJC Ruling on Misconduct in Discrete Mathematics Examination

On May 3, 2013 the Ashesi Judicial Committee (AJC) ruled in a case of misconduct involving a student from C2015, in the final exam for Discrete Mathematics. The AJC has concluded that the student was guilty for having violated the Examination Code of Conduct, which states on Page 34 of the Handbook:

“During an examination students must leave mobile phones and other electronic communication devices switched off.”

The information presented at the hearing confirmed that the student’s cell phone was on, and placed on top of the student’s desk during the Discrete Mathematics examination held on 2 May 2013. The phone was handed over to the FI present, upon request of the FI, midway through the exam.

After deliberation, the AJC came up with the sanctions below:

  • The student will receive a failing grade (E) for the Discrete Mathematics Course

The Committee encourages students to consider how lack of ethics and integrity affects individuals, and how a lack of awareness of rules and codes of conduct can result in unwanted repercussions. We hope this will be a valuable lesson and will serve to strengthen the student’s integrity.

The AJC would especially like to advise students of the following:

  1. The Examination Code of Conduct must be strictly adhered to and students should consult the Student Handbook to refresh their knowledge of it.
  2. The minimum sanction that the AJC issues a student if found guilty is a failing grade (E) for the course.