AJC Ruling on Alleged Academic Dishonesty in Negotiations Course

On 30 April 2013 the Ashesi Judicial Committee (AJC) adjudicated a case against a student for alleged cheating in a Negotiations quiz.

After reviewing statements and interviewing others associated with this case the AJC arrived at a conclusion that there is not enough evidence to prove that the student cheated in a quiz for the Negotiations course. The committee has therefore declared that the student is innocent of the charge.

The AJC would like to remind the Ashesi community of the following:

  • Students should take responsibility for learning at Ashesi, including their ability to see, hear and process everything that takes place in lectures and discussions.
  • Students should rely on multiple sources of credible information for their learning, and should not rely solely on what they may have heard or interpreted in class. Students should do as much cross-reading as possible, as this will enable them to cross check and consolidate information heard in lectures.
  • Students should encourage class mates to participate equally in study sessions, to ensure that all remain intellectually astute and engaged in learning.
  • Academic honesty is very important here at Ashesi, and is central to our mission.