AJC Ruling on Thefts in Hostel (October and November 2010)

On January 28, 2011 the AJC ruled against two students involved in thefts at the Danquah hostel. Both students had been caught stealing, admitted guilt and returned the money they stole. However, they appeared before the AJC for sanctions.   


a)    Student A received a semester suspension and an indefinite expulsion from Ashesi housing. The student showed remorse for their actions and the committee is confident that the student will return to the community changed.

b)   Student B was expelled from the university. The student showed little remorse for their actions and had been implicated in prior thefts. Also the student lied to the Dean of Academic Affairs by fabricating a story. The committee was appalled at the student’s lie to a University official which it considered a grievous offence and took that incident into account in sanctioning Student B.

Lessons Learned:

The AJC would especially like to advise students of the following:

  1. Under the criminal code of Ghana stealing is punishable by imprisonment but above all it is also a violation of the community’s trust.
  2. Students with financial need should seek help from family and friends and not resort to stealing from community members.
  3. Students should not feel the need to steal in order to put on appearances e.g. buy a new phone or dress a certain way. You are here to study and succeed and that should be your focus.