Dismissal of Student in Class of 2009

On Wednesday 12th, the Executive Team of Ashesi University unanimously decided to dismiss a student in the Class of 2009. The Executive Team arrived at this decision based on the student’s continuous display of flagrant disrespect towards the administration combined with inflammatory remarks and hostile behavior towards members of Ashesi University community. In a letter dated May 28th, the Dean of Students warned the student to desist from further inflammatory behaviour. Among other things, the Dean’s letter clearly stated: “Your mannerism towards the Dean of Students and the President constituted flagrant disrespect and if repeated will lead to a suspension or an expulsion.”

We assert that the Ashesi education is a privilege –not a right– earned by the most motivated and committed students, and especially, by those willing to conduct themselves according to the values that Ashesi holds dear. In the last year, the student in question committed the following actions (arranged chronologically) which indicate that he does not merit the privilege of the Ashesi education:

  • An e-mail sent to the entire community in which the student undermined the work of the Finance Officer and the Assistant Registrar.
  • The student’s anti-social behavior in the hostel (including other hostel mates) which led to the withdrawal of housing privileges. The student was identified as one of the students in the hostel responsible for multiple sanctions that the student’s apartment received during hostel inspections.
  • The student’s threatening mannerism to the Dean of Students, the President of the University and the Hostel Caretaker. This included the use of a derogatory word directed at a staff member.
  • The student physically assaulted a staff member while protesting the administration’s decision to revoke his housing privileges.
  • A recent e-mail to the entire community in which the student refers to University Administration as corrupt and irresponsible.

Such actions do not reflect the values of this institution. We assert that education at Ashesi is a privilege and not a right and the Executive Committee decided based on the student’s actions, some of which created a hostile working environment for members of the university, to withdraw this privilege.

Lessons Learned:

Ashesi is a community that encourages mutual respect among students, faculty and staff. As such all members of the community, including students, are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of future leaders and in congruence with Ashesi’s values. All members of the community should express their opinions in a respectful and non-threatening manner.