AJC ruling on alleged examination malpractice in Programming for Computer Science course

On 13 May 2016 the Ashesi Judicial Committee (AJC) adjudicated a case of alleged examination malpractice in which a student was accused of using a cell phone during a final examination.

After reviewing statements and interviewing witnesses the AJC arrived at a conclusion that the student is not guilty. There was insufficient evidence to conclude that the student broke the examination code of conduct.

The AJC would like to remind the Ashesi community of the following:

  • Students should take great care to follow the examination code of conduct.  They should keep equipment on the desk, in view of the invigilator, avoid working on their lap, and refrain from removing and returning items to their pockets and other obscured areas during the course of exams.
  • Students should take responsibility for learning at Ashesi, such that understanding is deepened, and rote learning, eliminated.
  • Students observing exam malpractices should bring them to the attention of invigilators and lecturers, so as to build a high integrity campus.