Welcome to your new home.

Ashesi provides housing options as part of efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students. By increasing opportunities for teamwork, enabling closer friendships and creating room for community, residential life serves as an important venue for student learning.

To provide positive living experiences, Ashesi has twenty-two apartments, spread within two main residence halls, that houses approximately 400 students. The apartments have options for five, four and two people in a room, which are assigned on a lottery basis to avoid bias.

To help make residential life easier, each hall has Residence Assistants (RAs) - student leaders selected by the Student Affairs Office - to provide extended support to students. RAs work to promote a friendly atmosphere of social interaction and create an environment that is conducive to academic study.

Janitorial Services and Utiltites
Ashesi provides janitorial services for all areas of on-campus housing except student's bedrooms; students still need to help maintain a healthy environment as much as possible. There is backup power supply to all areas of campus housing, and nearly a 100,000 gallons of water storage ensures that utility services remain uninterrupted.

Student Recreation Spaces
There are three lounge areas across the different student dorms, where students can engage in recreational activities or host events. There is also a multi-purpose court for sports activities, and work is currently being done to finish a football pitch on the edge of campus. 

There are two canteens on campus currently, each running from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm daily, with a small convenience store that provides snacks among other things. Students can choose to adopt one of three meal plan options, or pay out of pocket for their food. Students who have special dietary requirements need to report to the Students Affairs Office for arrangements to be made on their behalf.

The health unit on campus currently has two nurses running 24-hour shifts, and a consulting doctor. The health unit has three rooms for housing students who need to be kept for observation or kept in isolation to prevent spread of infection. For serious ailments, students are transferred to the Ashongman Community Hospital, about thirty minutes from campus.   

The laundry space within the student dorms has coin-operated wash-and-dry machines, and ten sinks for hand washing. 

Off-Campus Accomodation
Ashesi continues to expand on-campus housing, however there are several third-party housing options near campus for students. Check with the Student Affairs Office if youare having to choose off-campus housing and need guidance on available options. 

(Information on the Housing policies are described in Section 15 of the Student Handbook)