The Executive Team

Michael Kwabena Amponsah ’18

Michael is a MasterCard Scholar pursuing Business Administration at Ashesi University College. He strongly believes in the philosophy that “we are irrelevant unless we care and offer help to those we can." It is in this vein that he serves as the Programs Manager of A New Dawn, an initiative that seeks to empower young girls to be problem-solvers, as well as foster their awareness in sex and health-related issues. He also is a volunteer for Ahote, a Ford Foundation-funded student initiative which seeks to foster a clean environment through community sensitization and liaison between households and recycling organizations.

In his alma mater, Accra Academy, Michael voluntarily tutored in Mathematics and Finance related courses. At Ashesi, he volunteered as Calculus tutor in his sophomore year and became a Student Academic Representative for his class. He contributed enormously to the academic and social wellbeing of students as an Academic Committee member. He enjoys soccer and cheerleading.

Michael’s aim as a ‘chief servant of the students’, as he calls it, is to create a vibrant community on campus to augment students’ academic experience; to thrive for a financially independent ASC and to make the student body more transparent, responsive and result oriented.


Justice Nyamadi ‘18
Vice President

Justice Nyamadi is a junior studying Business Administration. He is a football enthusiast who enjoys being around and having fun with friends. Prior to becoming the Vice president of the A.S.C, he was a committed player of Elites FC, one of the teams in the Ashesi Premier league. He was also an instructor and a mentor in a A New Dawn, a civic engagement initiative in Ashesi which seeks to aid young girls to fully discover and develop their potentials through discussions relating to sex, health and entrepreneurship. He was also elected to serve as a Student Academic Representative of the A.S.C, where he addressed several academic issues of his colleagues.

He is currently the finance executive of A New Dawn and Ahote Project; a social enterprise which seeks to champion plastic waste management and recycling in Berekuso. He also doubles as a co-founder and accountant of Calyx Services, a consumable product business which serves the students of Ashesi.

Justice has a knack for creative problem solving and is determined to bring that to his new role. As the vice president of the A.S.C. his desire is to spearhead the creation of a vibrant campus and a student council which is transparent, responsive and result oriented.


Bryan Achiampong '18
Head of Public Relations 

I love to do a lot of different things, and that is probably why a famous hashtag that follows many of my posts on social media is #greatness. Primarily at my core, I believe each person is capable of great feats, and this has influenced each of my extracurricular activities and molded them into platforms to exhibit my capabilities as an African. 

First off, I love public speaking, and have engaged in quite a number of competitions both locally and globally. The most recent was the International Public Speaking Competition in London, where I emerged as one of the finalists. I also engage in debate competitions and recently won the maiden model democracy debate in Ghana as a member of the Ashesi Debate Society. Additionally, my passion in business has led me to head the business club in Ashesi, where I am also currently an ambassador for the school. And whenever I have free time from mentoring I engage in dance activities, model and play on the university's basketball team. 

In summary I live to exemplify the capabilities and potential of Africans and I want to translate this drive and brand into the image of the Ashesi Student Council (ASC), on both a local and international platform. Thus my goal as the Public Relations Chairperson, is to magnify the image of the ASC and attract the larger globe into the difference their activities make in our small part of the world. 

Josephine Abbey '18
General Secretary

I am a member of the Class of 2019,  majoring in Management Information System(MIS).

I studied at Akosombo International School. There, I served as the SRC representative of my house and was also a member of the cadet corps. This experience taught me to balance multiple tasks effectively, and also be disciplined.

With the aim of making a positive impact wherever I go, I strive to be the best I can in every situation. In Ashesi, I joined the Outreach Committee and civic engagement groups namely, Hope Initiative and Pencils of Promise, to help impact the lives of others in the best way possible.

As the ASC General Secretary, I hope to work with the same mindset and standard to improve the lives of students on campus with the help of the other members of the executive team. 

Eunice Adu '18
Welfare Chairperson

A junior at Ashesi University College pursuing a major in Business Administration, Eunice has a passion to transform the human resource sector in Africa.

For a long time, she has been fascinated by student leadership and how it can create change in schools.  Hence, she has been actively involved in student government for a while: being the Assistant Girls' Prefect both in Junior High School and Senior High School.

Eunice is loves movies and cartoons and dreams of creating a "Disneyland" in Ghana. As the Welfare Chairperson, Eunice wants to help create a vibrant campus where student welfare issues are handled in the most efficient way possible.


Nana Addo Adjei Maafo '18
Entertainment Committee Chairperson

I am a junior majoring in Business Administration. After high school at the Canadian Independent College, I started university at the University of Ghana, Legon. I later transferred to Ashesi University College, influenced by Ashesi’s goal to create ethical future leaders in Africa as I seek to contribute towards the change Ghana needs.

I have been on the Entertainment committee since my first year in Ashesi, playing an active part in all entertainment events that have occurred on campus since my arrival. My prior experience in event organization with 8th Wonder Entertainment allows usage of this great network I’ve built to my advantage.

In the next year, I hope to continue the tremendous work done by my predecessor by bringing more life to campus through various extracurricular events that will involve our entire multinational student body. I also look forward to engaging with other universities in helping to boost the entertainment scene on campus.


Vanessa Sam '18
Outreach Committee Chairperson

I am a junior pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I am passionate and generally excited about giving back to society in any way possible. Working on the recent Outreach Committee team helped me gain an appreciation for the several opportunities we have as a community to give back.

So in the year ahead, I look forward to encouraging a lot more members of the community to participate in the several opportunities available to work with the communities beyond Ashesi.

While in high school, at Holy Child School, I was the general secretary for the Student and Youth Travel Organisation and also served on the protocol committee. Currently in Ashesi, I volunteer with Future of Africa, an NGO which seeks to end child poverty in Africa.  I am also working with a team of to create an Ashesi radio station.

I love listening to music and enjoy my Saturdays spent tutoring street kids as part of Future of Africa initiative. I am excited about the coming year, and all the lessons my team will learn as well as the entire community.


Brian Obi '18
Sports Committee Chairperson

Brian Obi, a junior studying Business Administration, makes it a point to engage in sports as often as he can. Despite the pressure and demands of being a 3rd year student, he always finds a means of releasing stress through sports. He is currently the coach of one of the football clubs in the Ashesi Premier League, Highlanders Football Club.

As the Sports Chairperson, he hopes to use this platform to impact sports in Ashesi through increased engagement among sports lovers and others alike. He also hopes to make campus more vibrant through sports.


Kingsley Amaoning-Yankson '18
Off-Campus Committee Chairperson

Before Ashesi, Kingsley was the overall House Prefect at Ghana Christian International High school and received the Principal’s Honor Role Award and Leadership Award.

At Ashesi, Kingsley has served on various committees ever since his first year in Ashesi. Dedicating his time and efforts to improving student-life through the Entertainment, Finance and Ubora Committees. He has also been a academic coach to freshmen. He is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science while developing his passion for entrepreneurship.  Kingsley is motivated and excited about bringing his creativity and innovation on board to help improve the experience of the Ashesi student. He looks forward to igniting the spark in student life off-campus.


Job Mwesigwa '17
Academic Committee Chairperson

Job is a Computer Science student who enjoys serving others and working with people because to him, it is a way of learning and embracing the diversity around him. Having worked with the previous academic committee, he believes there is a need to continue the legacy and bring fascinating ideas on board.

Besides academics, he works with the Office of Diversity and International Programs and Careers Services Office. This gives him a chance to to engage students and be more aware of himself and the people around him.


Michael Akpawu '18
Finance Committee Chairperson

Michael, a junior studying Business Administration, heads the Ashesi Student Council finance role with his passion for finance and accounting.

Prior to his role as the A.S.C. finance chairperson, he was a member of the audit committee that oversaw projects in Foundation of Design and Entrepreneurship for the class of 2019.

Michael also worked as a team leader for a project on Organizational Behavior in 2015, where the group investigated the corporate social responsibility initiatives at PricewaterhouseCoopers Ghana, the largest global auditing firm. Following the success of the project, Michael landed a summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers Ghana for the summer of 2016.

He is now an active member of the Ashesi Accounting club. Michael also believes that proper accounting and finance is essential to building sustainable businesses in Africa. As the finance chairperson, Michael is committed to building a solid financial base and a constant stream of cash flow that will be responsive to the needs of students.


Stephen Gyan '18
Judicial and Electoral Committee Chairperson

Stephen is a third year Business Administration student. He describes himself as a student of governance, economics, and agriculture because of his keen interest in these disciplines. 

He had his senior high education at St. Martin’s Senior High School where he served as Secretary of the Geography Club. Since his first year at Ashesi, he has volunteered for the Berekosu Math Project where he assists pupils in solving mathematical problems at the Berekosu School. He also volunteers with Action Aim Ghana as Project Manager of Kunya Project which empowers pupils of rural areas in Volta Region by organizing quiz competitions and a mentoring session with the pupils.

Prior to becoming JEC Chairperson, Stephen served on the JEC as Class Representative in 2015/2016. With the experience he had from serving on the JEC and his interest in governance, Stephen aims at working with the ASC leadership to empower students to build and own a trusting community. 


Harriet Naa-Dedo Mate-Kole '18
Vice Judicial and Electoral Committee Chairperson

I am a Business Administration student in the class of 2018 and an alumni of Ghana Christian International High School. I have a passion for design, research, writing and marketing. I aspire to be a creative product designer and customer experience researcher. I am a writing centre tutor and a club (Just Love) executive. 

I am serving as the JEC vice-chairperson with the vision to contribute to building a trusting student community, create a social honour code and ensure transparency and accountability in the activities of the student government. Serving on the JEC is an opportunity for civic engagement, learning through service and contribute to making the Ashesi experience better for the entire student body.