Richard Odame '15

Richard Odame '15Richard, a senior studying Business Administration, heads the Ashesi Student Council (A.S.C.) with his experience as a problem solver in national and global conferences and competition including the Future Leaders’ League in Singapore in 2012, and the 2013 Google Adcamp in Dublin, Ireland.

Prior to his role as A.S.C. President, he was the class representative for the Academic Committee of the A.S.C., president of the Peer Educators Club on campus and was appointed as the 2012 Regional Director for the Council for Capability Development for being a keen player at Model UN conferences in Ghana. He is currently the President of Ashesi’s chapter of Project Cleanacwa (formally known as African Development Initiative) and received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2013 Ashesi Ubora Excellence Awards Ceremony for taking business-related initiatives such as being the sole distributor of Papaye fast foods in Ashesi, and selling USB LED lights.

Richard believes in the A.S.C.’s potential to create a vibrant and interactive campus through active student participation as the A.S.C. works together to address students’ issues. This semester Richard aims to generate funds to construct a multipurpose sports pitch for the Ashesi community, to create other avenues to fund the A.S.C., and to build the spirit of leadership in all.

Sela Agbakpe '15 
Vice President

Sela is a senior majoring in Business Administration. As a Social Entrepreneur, Sela, in his sophomore year, co-founded the Adesua Ye Literacy Foundation, which is an organization aimed at increasing adult literacy in rural towns in Ghana starting with the Berekuso community.

He became a Dalai Lama Fellow in 2013 for his passion for solving the world’s biggest problems through entrepreneurship or business. Sela helps empower high school students to take up entrepreneurial skills, and coaches them to draw up business plans for businesses they plan to start. Prior to becoming Vice President, Sela served on the Judicial Electoral Council (J.E.C.) as a class representative for a year. He represented his year group on the Council as the mouthpiece for academic behavior and conduct.

As Vice President and head of Clubs and Societies, Sela aims to create a vibrant campus by challenging students to start initiatives, clubs and projects they are passionate about. By doing so, he believes that the Student Council can easily drive innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship among Ashesi students and the community.

Vanessa Amoako '16
General Secretary and Head of Public Relations Committee

With a diverse educational background studying in U.S.A. and in Ghana, Vanessa is passionate about encouraging the appreciation of different cultures and ways of thinking to better her society.

Prior to her college career, Vanessa studied at Carrboro High School in North Carolina, and served as a columnist and section editor for the school’s student-run newspaper. She also served as a peer educator for a number of extracurricular activities including the Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership Institute and Tobacco.Reality.Unfiltered (T.R.U.) to serve and foster unity in her community.

She is an Academic Scholar (NC) and an inductee of the National Achievers Society. Currently, Vanessa is a junior majoring in Business Administration at Ashesi and is the co-founder of New Leaf Mission, an after-school teaching and mentoring project for students in Berekuso. She was also the Public Relations Officer and General Secretary of the Ashesi Toastmasters Club, and a writer for the Ashesi Website.

Vanessa intends to use these experiences in her role on the A.S.C., to echo the voice of the student body, and to organize and promote events that will contribute to the personal and career development of all students.

Anna Addei '17
Welfare Committee Chairperson 

Hard work, commitment and passion are words that have defined Anna Addei since her days as a student of Wesley Girls’ High School in Cape Coast. She continues to exert these values in completing all tasks assigned to her.

At Ashesi, she was a member of the Ashesi Model United Nations and served on the Academic Committee of the Student Council in her first year. She has been working closely with the Office of Student and Community Affairs over the past few months and is currently a Residents’ Assistant in Ashesi’s on-campus housing facility.  

Anna enjoys indulging in the Arts and often finds herself engaged in some form of writing, drawing or music in her spare time.  Now in her sophomore year, she is excited to take up her new role as Welfare Committee Chairperson of the Ashesi Student Council and is eager to contribute to the welfare, convenience and comfort of students on the Ashesi campus.


Jessica Sugru Ali '15
Welfare Committee Chairperson (December - June 2014)

Prior to her journey as a college student, Jessica was a student of Holy Child Senior High School in Cape Coast where she studied General Arts with a focus in Humanities. In the last two years, Jessica has served as a Resident Assistant at Ashesi, and has worked closely with the Office of Students and Community Affairs to solve student housing-related issues.

She has also been instrumental in improving student life by creating avenues for student interactions with the world through campaigns including the ‘Wolfpack Women of Worth’. Jessica is presently a senior pursuing a major in Management Information Systems, and is the Vice President of the Culinary and Confectionary Club.

She has also volunteered for a number of summer programs to satisfy her passion for helping children. She excitedly looks forward to serving the Ashesi student body to help improve upon the welfare of the students while finding ways to solve the problems that exist within the student body.

Kevin Banful '15 
Entertainment Committee Chairperson

Kevin, a senior majoring in Management Information Systems, settled in Ghana from South Africa in 2011 and chose to continue his studies at Ashesi University College. His decision to do this was born out of his desire to develop a close working relationship with his peers, in an environment that encouraged critical thinking and self-development.

Since his arrival at Ashesi, he has been an active member of the community. His leadership in the Ashesi Model United Nations has ensured its rise from almost certain disbandment to becoming a platform for students to share their thoughts on global issues in a tolerant and diplomatic atmosphere. He has also contributed to the social activity on campus through his passion for music by continuously taking on the position as a DJ at many events and parties on campus.

As Entertainment Chairperson, Kevin has committed himself to setting a foundation and creating a culture of diverse extracurricular activities not only on campus but also within the minds of the entire student body.

Randelle Michel '15
Outreach Committee Chairperson

Randelle is a fourth year Management Information Systems student. She served on the Outreach Committee of the A.S.C. in the 2012/2013 administration as a Seasonal Projects Initiator. Along with friends from the class of 2015, Randelle created the Christmas Shoebox Project, which aims to give back to our immediate community in Berekuso.

She was also involved with a Spelling Bee project targeted at improving the vocabulary of students from the Berekuso community. Randelle looks forward to fulfilling her role as Outreach Chairperson by strengthening the Citizenship pillar of Ashesi by involving the student body in outreach activities, while liaising with other outreach and community engagement initiatives in the Ashesi community.

Aside this, she is an amateur photographer, enjoys creative writing and editing pictures.

Nana Yaw Akonnor '16
Sports Committee Chairperson 

As a junior studying Business Administration, Nana Yaw Akonnor is passionately involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including being a Math Lab Tutor, a Career Peer Advisor for the Career Services, head of the Akua Adoma Foundation Planning Committee, and a research analyst for the African Development Initiative. Nana Yaw successfully balances his participation in these activities while maintaining a good academic stance and pursuing his passion for sports.

He plays for teams under the Ashesi Basketball and Football Leagues. In his quest to improve upon the culture of sports at Ashesi, Nana Yaw has served on the Ashesi Sports Committee for two years. He eagerly looks forward to continuing the good work of his predecessor, Abiola Obiwole, this semester and is excited to use this platform to help elevate sports in the school.


Abiola Obiwole '15 
Sports Committee Chairperson (December - June 2014)

Abiola ObiweleAs a senior pursuing a degree in Business Administration, Abiola holds a great passion for sports. Although he describes his sports experience as at Ashesi as both entertaining and boring at the same time, Abiola sees it as a memorable experience which has sparked his desire to improve upon the sports atmosphere on campus.

As a former member of the Sports Committee of the A.S.C., coach of a football team under the Ashesi Premier League (A.P.L.) and the Head of the Disciplinary Committee of the Ashesi Football Association (A.F.A.), Abiola believes that to succeed in life, one needs to excel physically, mentally and spiritually.

He embraces his role as Sports Committee Chairperson and looks forward to ensuring that every Ashesi student will remain healthy physically and mentally in all aspects of life.

Benedicta Amo Bempah '16
Off-Campus Committee Chairperson

Prior to her role, Benedicta acted as the Deputy Hostel Prefect for Tema International School for two years. In honor of her exemplary skills in high school, she received the Overall Best Co-Curricular Award (2010/2011) and the Dr. Sylvia Boye Award for Excellence in Leadership (2011/2012).

At Ashesi, Benedicta is a Career Peer Advisor, a Mentor for the freshman class, and was a class representative of the A.S.C. Currently a junior pursing a degree in Management Informations Systems, Benedicta is excited to bring on board her expertise in mentoring, leadership, intercultural and co-curricular programs to serve the student body as the Off-Campus Chairperson.

She looks forward to organizing vigorous and dynamic off-campus events with her team.

Michael Annor '16 
Academic Committee Chairperson

Michael AnnorMichael Annor is a CS Major in the class of 2016 with a passion for design and problem solving. Having served on the 2012/2013 Academic Committee, Michael brings his past experiences and lessons to the role, with a strong team to improve the academic wellbeing of the student body and embolden the community’s pillars of scholarship, leadership and citizenship. When not doing academic committee, he works at the Office of Diversity and International Programs, a role that has over the past year helped to develop versatile skills and work as a team player. 

Fauziya yen Anafo '15
Finance Committee Chairperson

Fauziya yen Anafo is a senior majoring in Business Administration. She realized the importance of entrepreneurship in a country through her participation and volunteer work with nongovernmental organizations. Her first challenge was to be a part of the Junior Achievement Business Contest, which aimed at promoting business ideas for the youth. She is currently the Events Manager of the Ashesi Business Club. Aside her passion for entrepreneurship, Fauziya is very interested in International Relations and served as the Vice President of the Ghana Model United Nations while in high school. She is still a passionate and dedicated member of the Ashesi Model United Nations and has been able to develop her public speaking skills and personal confidence, which has won her the title of Best Delegate mentioned for the Economic Committee for the Ghana MUN in 2013. Fauziya aspires to be a corporate lawyer, an entrepreneur and the head of her very own NGO.

As the current Finance Committee Chairperson of the Ashesi Student Council, Fauziya aims to prepare financial reports every semester and make all financial statements available to students. She also aims to work closely with the other committees in handling the affairs of the school to serve the entire community well.