Senior Lecturer
Computer Science and Robotics
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  • Ph.D. in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, 
    Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Bachelor of Engineering,
    Dartmouth College, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science modified with Engineering,
    Dartmouth College, USA

Teaching Statement

As a computer science teacher, my goals are to help students develop a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer science, and along with this, an enthusiasm and excitement about the field. I want to help students appreciate the breadth of computer science, and realize the significant impact that they can have on problems from a wide variety of disciplines, from economics through biological sciences to education.  

I am committed to helping students develop problem-solving and critical reasoning skills as well as confidence that they can be active agents of their own learning. I would like them to learn to work effectively in teams, to appreciate the value of interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, and to communicate clearly with a variety of audiences, both technical and non-technical. 

I enjoy teaching both core courses in the Computer Science curriculum and elective or advanced courses related to my research interests in robotics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. I also enjoy working one-on-one with students on their senior theses and other research projects.

Courses taught at Ashesi University:

  •       Programming II
  •       Data Structures and Algorithms
  •       Robotics
  •       Algorithm Design and Analysis

Research Statement

My academic interests are related to the intersection of algorithm design, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Being passionate about education and development, I am also very interested in work that applies these knowledge areas in addressing development challenges.  My PhD dissertation involved developing algorithms for optimal coordination of constrained multi-robot teams.  Other past and current projects, in collaboration with others, include developing path-planning algorithms for robots, studying the potential role of automated tutoring in improving literacy in Ghana, and using machine learning algorithms and mobile devices to determine road surface quality.

Selected Publications

  • G. Ayorkor Korsah, Anthony Stentz, and M. Bernardine Dias, “A comprehensive taxonomy for multi-robot task allocation”, The International Journal of Robotics Research, October 2013 Vol 32, Issue 12: pp. 1495-1512
  • G. Ayorkor Korsah, Balajee Kannan, Brett Browning, Anthony Stentz and M. Bernardine Dias, “xBots: An Approach to Generating and Executing Optimal Multi-Robot Plans with Cross-Schedule Dependencies,” 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 2012.
  • G. Ayorkor Korsah, Jack Mostow, M. Bernardine Dias, Tracy Morrison Sweet, Sarah M. Belousov, M. Frederick Dias, Haijun Gong, “Improving Child Literacy in Africa: Experiments with an Automated Reading Tutor,”  Information Technologies & International Development, vol 6 no. 2, 2010.